17 Poems About Your Child Growing Up



In this article, we explore a collection of 17 heartfelt poems about the experience of watching your child grow up. From the excitement and pride to the fear and sadness, these poems beautifully capture the complex emotions that come with seeing your little one mature. Each stage of your child’s life is unique, filled with its own challenges and miracles. Whether you want to express your love and admiration for your child or simply relate to the feelings shared by other parents, these poems will touch your heart and remind you of the precious moments you have with your growing child.

17 Poems About Your Child Growing Up


Watching your children grow up is a truly remarkable experience. As parents, we go through a rollercoaster of emotions – excitement, pride, fear, sadness, humility, and above all, love. Each stage of our child’s life presents its own set of challenges and miracles, and it’s a journey that no one can truly prepare us for. In this article, we will explore a collection of heartfelt poems that capture the essence of a child growing up. Whether you want to express your deep emotions to your child or simply relate to other parents who have experienced the same feelings, these poems will touch your heart in a profound way.

Poems About Child Growing Up

Home Again, Home Again by Marilyn L. Taylor

Marilyn L. Taylor’s poem, “Home Again, Home Again,” beautifully captures the tender moments when adult-aged children return to their parents’ home. It portrays the excitement and joy parents feel when their children come back to stay, evoking a sense of nostalgia and the cherished feeling of having them at home once more.

Hold My Hand by Ms. Moem

“Hold My Hand” by Ms. Moem is a simple yet powerful poem that reminds us how parents are always there for their children, regardless of their age. As our children navigate through life, parents provide unwavering support and guidance, symbolized by the act of holding hands. This poem beautifully depicts the enduring bond between parents and children.

How You Know by Joe Mills

In “How You Know,” Joe Mills reflects on the bittersweet reality of parenting, where some lessons can only be learned the hard way. As parents, we strive to teach our children everything we can, but there are moments when they must experience life’s challenges on their own. This poignant poem captures the mixture of pain and regret that parents often feel when they cannot shield their children from hardship.

A Poet to His Baby Son by James Weldon Johnson

“A Poet to His Baby Son” by James Weldon Johnson encapsulates the wonder and apprehension that parents feel as they watch their baby grow into their own person. In this poem, the author expresses a deep curiosity about who their child will become in the future, acknowledging the complex blend of fear and excitement that accompanies parenthood.

The Last Time by an unknown author

“The Last Time” is a widely circulated poem that serves as a gentle reminder of the fleeting nature of time. It emphasizes the importance of treasuring every moment we have with our children because once time passes, we can never regain it. This heartfelt poem urges parents to cherish every precious second spent with their growing children.

When You Are Ready — Sophia Beth-Ann

Sophia Beth-Ann’s poem, “When You Are Ready,” is a heartfelt message from a parent to their child. It conveys the love and support a parent offers as their child embarks on their journey through life. The poem encourages the child to chase their dreams, embrace opportunities, and know that their parent will always be there to provide guidance and support.

My sweet child, Today is your day,

The first of many steps As you journey on your way. Your future is filled With amazing possibilities. So chase your dreams, Embrace the opportunities. And those times when life Throws you curve balls, Always remember I’ll be there when you call. —S. Marie

Your baby grows a tooth, then two, and four, and five,

then she wants some meat directly from the bone. It’s all over: she’ll learn some words, she’ll fall in love with cretins, dolts, a sweet talker on his way to jail. And you, your wife, get old, flyblown, and rue nothing. You did, you loved, your feet are sore. It’s dusk. Your daughter’s tall. —Thomas Lux

Poems About Daughters Growing Up

The Writer by Richard Wilbur

“The Writer” by Richard Wilbur speaks to the tender desire of parents to shield their daughters from the trials and tribulations of life. It expresses the longing for the daughter to remain fearless, to never feel trapped or afraid. This heartfelt poem beautifully encapsulates a parent’s deep love and protective instincts towards their daughter.

Her Name Will Be Fearless — Nikita Gill

In “Her Name Will Be Fearless,” Nikita Gill captures the strength and resilience of a daughter growing up. The poem reminds us that daughters, just like their mothers, possess an inner courage that enables them to face any challenge that comes their way. It celebrates the empowerment and fearlessness that lies within every daughter.

Mother to Daughter — Christy Ann Martine

“Mother to Daughter” by Christy Ann Martine is a heartfelt poem that reflects the special bond between a mother and her daughter. It conveys the love, wisdom, and guidance that a mother imparts to her daughter as she navigates through life. The poem beautifully expresses the deep connection and understanding between a mother and her daughter.

For a Daughter Who Leaves — Janice Mirikitani

Janice Mirikitani’s poem, “For a Daughter Who Leaves,” encapsulates the poignant moment when a daughter ventures out into the world, leaving her childhood behind. It touches upon the bittersweet feelings that parents experience as they watch their daughter embark on her own journey. The poem conveys the hope, pride, and unconditional love that a parent feels as their daughter takes her first steps towards independence.

“I see her in me

In her soft stares And polite smiles In her hidden tears And worn-out face I see her in me That hurting pain That hides within That sucking feeling Of burying it in.” —Ivory Jay

Poems About Sons Growing Up

To My Grown Up Son by Alice E. Chase

“To My Grown Up Son” by Alice E. Chase is a poignant reflection on the journey of motherhood. It acknowledges the regrets that mothers often grapple with, questioning whether they have done enough for their children. The poem serves as a gentle reminder to focus on the positive memories and cherish the moments shared with their sons.

I Sometimes Wish — Larry Howland

“I Sometimes Wish” by Larry Howland articulates the depth of a parent’s love for their son. It portrays the desire to shield their child from pain and struggle, even when they know it is necessary for growth. The poem beautifully expresses the unconditional love every parent feels and the hopes they have for their sons’ well-being and happiness.

My Love for You — Sarah F. DuBois

Sarah F. DuBois’ poem, “My Love for You,” is a heartfelt expression of a mother’s love for her son. It encapsulates the immense joy and pride a mother feels as she witnesses her son growing up. The poem speaks to the deep bond between a mother and son and the endless love that flows between them.

Mother to Son — Langston Hughes

“Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes is a powerful and widely celebrated poem that encapsulates the hardships faced by an African American mother and her desire to impart wisdom and strength to her son. The poem serves as a profound reminder of the resilience and determination that parents instill in their children, no matter the challenges they face.

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In conclusion, the journey of watching our children grow up is a deeply emotional and transformative experience. These poems capture the essence of this journey, from the excitement and pride to the bittersweet moments of letting go. Whether you have a daughter or a son, these poems serve as a powerful reminder of the immense love and unwavering support that parents provide throughout their child’s life. So take a moment to immerse yourself in the beauty of these poems and celebrate the incredible journey of parenthood.

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