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Get ready to dive into a captivating world of anime and poetry! “17 Best Anime Poems” is an article that celebrates the beautiful fusion of these two art forms. From well-known anime series like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto to beloved films like Princess Mononoke and Your Name, this list showcases poems inspired by anime characters, written by otakus from around the world. But that’s not all! You’ll also find poems penned by the talented Japanese animators themselves. Whether you’re a seasoned anime enthusiast or a poetry lover looking for something new, this article is a must-read. So grab your notebook and get ready to be inspired by the emotional depth and creative expression of anime poetry!

Poems Inspired by Famous Anime Characters

These poems are a testament to the impact that famous anime characters have had on fans around the world. Each poem captures the essence of a beloved character and provides a glimpse into their world.

A sonnet… for Naruto

One of the most popular anime characters, Naruto Uzumaki has captivated audiences with his determination, loyalty, and unwavering spirit. This sonnet, written by Akaitokage, beautifully captures Naruto’s struggle and the challenges he faces on his journey to become Hokage.

“Behind white eyes my vision fails, Seven birds, an eighth I could not catch, With a blind spot to halt and a curse to match, When I look upon darkness, my vision is veiled.”

These lines reflect Naruto’s determination to overcome obstacles and his unwavering belief in himself, even in the face of adversity.


Pikachu, the adorable yellow electric rodent from the Pokémon franchise, has become an iconic character in the world of anime. Tanmay Kulkarni’s poem beautifully captures Pikachu’s journey of friendship and growth.

“I was weak, I fell down with a thud. I was used. I was trapped. But I made a friend who wanted to adapt. I fought with him, with all my heart and soul. But never achieved my goal. My trainer died, died a miraculous death. But he was revived, with the tears of the shibboleth.”

These lines highlight Pikachu’s transformation from a timid and weak Pokémon to a loyal friend and powerful ally.

Totoro’s Forest

Totoro, the lovable forest spirit from the Studio Ghibli film “My Neighbor Totoro,” has captured the hearts of fans around the world. Bakemono’s poem beautifully captures the enchanting nature of Totoro’s forest and its connection to the children who discover it.

“As the great beast snores his belly can be seen rising right from the entrance of his hideout if you’re close enough. Above, the trees breathe with him. The forest’s heart and hands, though he sleeps he’s on guard for any child who finds it in the long grass.”

These lines evoke a sense of wonder and magic, reflecting the profound bond between Totoro and the children who enter his forest.

A Poem to Tachibana (After the Rain)

“After the Rain” is a thought-provoking anime series that explores themes of love, loss, and personal growth. This poem, whose author is unknown, delves into the emotions and experiences of the character Tachibana.

“If your heart aches Is it of longing or fulfillment The downside of early youth Reveals a little scar The bits of sunshine Glittering like magic dust Like milk in coffee Swirling a pretty picture.”

These lines invite introspection and contemplation, capturing the complex emotions and journey of self-discovery that Tachibana undergoes throughout the series.

Poems Written by Anime’s Much Loved Animators

Anime animators are the creative minds behind the captivating visuals and storytelling of our favorite anime series and films. Here are a few poems written by famous anime animators themselves, showcasing their talent and deep understanding of the characters and themes they bring to life.

The Legend of Ashitaka

Hayao Miyazaki, the legendary animator and director of Studio Ghibli, has created countless memorable characters and stories. “The Legend of Ashitaka” is a beautiful poem that encapsulates the noble and courageous nature of the protagonist from the film “Princess Mononoke.”

“Ashitaka the gallant, Ashitaka the brave Who never once thought to turn from his fate. Ashitaka who loved the people. Ashitaka who loved the forest. Ashitaka who saw with his eyes clear and bright.”

These lines honor Ashitaka’s unwavering determination to protect both humans and nature, highlighting his selflessness and empathy.

Princess Mononoke

Another poem by Hayao Miyazaki, this time inspired by the film “Princess Mononoke,” delves into the central conflict between humanity and the natural world.

“In the weaving of this epic tapestry Which current will prevail? The battle between the forest and human, Or the love between warrior and princess?”

These lines capture the complexity of the film’s themes and the intricacies of the relationships between its characters.

Rei’s Poem

“Neon Genesis Evangelion” is a groundbreaking anime series known for its deep psychological exploration and complex characters. Hideaki Anno, the creator of the series, wrote this evocative poem from the perspective of Rei Ayanami, one of the show’s enigmatic characters.

“My form, my shape fades from view Awareness dawns of someone who is not me Who is here? There? Beyond me, here Shinji This person I know, Major Katsuragi Dr. Akagi People, my classmates The pilot of Unit Two Commander Ikari Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?”

These lines reflect Rei’s sense of detachment and the constant questioning of her own identity, one of the central themes explored in the series.

Poems Reflecting On Good Anime

Some anime series touch our hearts and leave a lasting impact on our lives. The following poems reflect on the beauty and emotions inspired by these exceptional anime.

Waltz for Venus: An Elegy

“Cowboy Bebop” is a beloved anime series known for its unique blend of genres and unforgettable characters. Trevor Dane Ketner’s poem is inspired by the series and reflects on the intricate emotions and experiences of its protagonists.

“Spores drift from green islands, gray eyes with ash— he gets a cigar burn blessing right in the third eye where for some, before, was a cross if not this Wednesday then the next or the next or the last.”

These lines capture the bittersweet nature of the series, its themes of loss and redemption, and the resiliency of its characters.

Weathering with You

Makoto Shinkai’s “Weathering with You” is a visually stunning film that explores the power of love and the consequences of meddling with the natural order. S.G. Liput’s poem beautifully captures the essence of the film and the enduring strength of love.

“The storm can crash, the thunder clap, attempting to arrest my view, But, whether sky be black or blue, The sun will part the clouds on cue. The rain will never fall as hard as I have fallen now for you.”

These lines evoke the intense emotions and longing conveyed throughout the film, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.

The Anthem of the Heart

“The Anthem of the Heart” is a poignant anime film that delves into the transformative power of self-expression and the importance of communication. S.G. Liput’s poem reflects on the silence and hidden emotions that can weigh on an individual.

“Invisible, words plant their seeds, Perhaps to not mature for years. The flowers can be choked by weeds, From tactless slurs to whispered fears That did not settle on deaf ears.”

These lines capture the essence of the film’s exploration of the significance of finding one’s voice and speaking one’s truth.

5 centimeters per second

Makoto Shinkai’s “5 centimeters per second” is a poetic and introspective film that delves into themes of time, distance, and missed connections. Alexander Zalan’s poem reflects on the fleeting nature of moments and the inability to hold on to them.

“The petal falls with speed of life, You count the moments till it lands, Without the wind it’s all in vain, You know exactly where it ends.”

These lines beautifully capture the essence of the film, with its emphasis on the passage of time and the longing for lost connections.

Fun Anime Poems

Anime can also provide moments of lightheartedness and humor. The following poems celebrate the fun and joy that anime brings into our lives.

Son Goku

Son Goku, the iconic protagonist of the “Dragon Ball” series, has become a beloved figure in the world of anime. Warrior-Rose’s poem captures Goku’s energetic and determined nature with a dash of humor.

“Do I have a favorite saying? Of course! ‘When you fall off of your horse, you get right back up, and you eat that horse!’ Always helps me when I feel emotionally drained out! I told that to my best buddy, but looks like he didn’t understand it because all he said was, ‘What the hell are you on about?!’”

These lines reflect Goku’s undying optimism and his unique way of approaching challenges, with a touch of humor and lightheartedness.

Ode to Hetalia

“Hetalia: Axis Powers” is a comedy anime that personifies various countries and delves into humorous and satirical portrayals of historical events. Hidekaz Himaruya’s poem is a playful ode to the series, capturing its quirky charm.

“Around the clock, around the world, Across the globe, the flag unfurled, When countries soon start fights and wars, There’s only one who adores. For love of pasta changes minds, Which helps the peace today refined, Of all the hearts and soul rejoice, Away goes one: the loudest voice.”

These lines reflect the series’ unique blend of humor, history, and camaraderie, showcasing the charm of its personified characters.


Doraemon, the lovable robotic cat from the series of the same name, has captured the hearts of fans for decades. Wilson Khor WH’s poem humorously captures the challenges and quirks of living with Doraemon.

“And when they’re tired of my roundness, Or my nagging, Or that I have no ears To listen to their whining, Men sure have it easy Thinking they could walk out While I clean after their problems Eyes looking For Shizuka.”

These lines playfully highlight Doraemon’s unique abilities and quirks, showcasing the humor and adventures that ensue from his presence.

Ancient Poems that Inspired Anime and Animators

Anime often draws inspiration from various sources, including ancient poems. The following poems pay homage to the timeless classics that have influenced the creation of anime.

Ono no Komachi

Ono no Komachi, a renowned classical Japanese poet, has had a significant influence on the world of anime. This beautiful poem, whose author is unknown, reflects the depth and beauty of Ono no Komachi’s works.

“Before I slept I thought of him, and into dream he strayed. Had I known it was a dream, in dream I would have stayed.”

These lines capture the ethereal and introspective nature of Ono no Komachi’s poetry, showcasing its enduring impact.


Bashō, another masterful Japanese poet, is known for his haikus and profound observations of nature. His works have inspired numerous anime and animators. The following poem, inspired by Bashō, reflects the simplicity and beauty of his poetry.

“Joyful laughter breaks the silence of an autumn eve.”

This haiku-like verse distills the essence of Bashō’s poetry, highlighting the power of a few carefully chosen words to evoke vivid imagery and emotions.

More Poems You’ll Love

In addition to anime-inspired poetry, there are numerous other types of poems that can captivate and move readers. Here are a few categories of poems that you’re sure to enjoy.

53+ Amazing Sister Poems

Sisters hold a special place in our lives, and expressing our love and appreciation for them through poetry can be a heartfelt gesture. Whether you’re looking for happy, funny, or sentimental poems, this collection has something for every sister bond.

51 I Miss You Poems

Missing someone can be a profound and often painful experience. Poetry can serve as a vessel for expressing the emotions and longing that come with being apart from loved ones. This collection of “I Miss You” poems offers solace and catharsis in times of separation and longing.

Animal poems

Animals have always held a special place in our hearts, and their beauty and unique characteristics often inspire awe and admiration. This collection of animal poems celebrates the diversity and wonder of the animal kingdom, from loyal companions like dogs to fierce predators like lions and majestic creatures like horses.

These poems showcase the diverse range of emotions and themes explored in anime. From the introspective and profound to the lighthearted and humorous, they capture the essence of beloved characters, explore the beauty of nature, and reflect on the impact of anime on our lives. Whether you’re a dedicated anime fan or simply appreciate the beauty of poetry, these anime-inspired poems are sure to resonate with you.

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