13 Excuses Poems: Exploring our reasons for not wanting to do things



In “13 Excuses Poems: Exploring our reasons for not wanting to do things,” we delve into the world of excuses and the impact they have on our lives. From making up justifications to avoid going on a date or going to the gym, to using them as scapegoats in major life decisions, excuses are a part of our everyday lives. Whether they make us laugh, reflect, or feel a twinge of sadness, these poems about excuses capture the various ways we create stories in our minds to avoid facing difficult situations. From lighthearted and comical poems to more introspective and insightful pieces, this collection invites readers to explore the psychology behind our excuses and the consequences they can have on our relationships, work, and personal happiness. So, join us as we discover the beauty and complexity of excuses through the power of poetry.

13 Excuses Poems: Exploring our reasons for not wanting to do things

Excuses Poems

That One Time I Stayed Up All Night Making Excuses to Talk to Danger

In this poem by Tarfia Faizullah, the theme of temptation is explored. Faizullah reminds us that while we often make excuses to get out of doing things, we also use them to justify doing things that we know we shouldn’t. The poem serves as a reminder that our excuses can sometimes lead us down a dangerous path, and that we should be mindful of the choices we make.

Dust if You Must

Rose Milligan’s poem, “Dust if You Must,” reminds us that while responsibilities are constantly waiting for us, so is the beauty of life. The poem urges readers to take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures and embrace the fleeting moments of joy. It serves as a gentle reminder to not let the pressures of life overshadow the small moments that make it worthwhile.

I Can’t Write a Poem

Bruce Lansky’s poem, “I Can’t Write a Poem,” is an ironic and didactic piece that is often used in schools for young children. However, the message of the poem is applicable to adult life as well. Lansky makes the point that assuming we can’t do something or creating excuses for why we can’t is often a way to avoid facing the challenge or fear of failure. The poem encourages readers to have faith in themselves and to try, even if they think they might fail.


This humorous limerick by an unknown author highlights the elaborate excuses children often come up with for forgetting to do their homework. It’s a lighthearted and relatable piece that reminds us of the creative lengths we would go to as children to avoid the consequences of forgetting our assignments.

All My Great Excuses

“All My Great Excuses” is a fun and playful poem that emphasizes the idea that putting effort into creating elaborate stories to excuse ourselves from blame is often more work than simply doing the right thing in the first place. It serves as a reminder to take responsibility for our actions and not to rely on excuses as a way out.


This poem is directed at artists, but its message can be applied to many people in various situations. It serves as a motivational piece, encouraging individuals to pursue their passions without making excuses. The poem reminds us that if we are truly passionate about something, there should be no excuses standing in our way.

“It is always easy. The excuses.”

This short poem by Aleks highlights the tendency for excuses to hold us back from taking action. The poem emphasizes that the words we use to postpone actions can become louder than our own inner thoughts. It serves as a reminder to stop making excuses and to seize opportunities when they arise.

“Excuses pile up Inside his hat”

Haru haru’s poem speaks to the consequences of making excuses in relationships. It paints a picture of someone who constantly makes excuses for not coming home, ultimately leading to the deterioration of the relationship. The poem serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of using excuses as a way to avoid responsibility in relationships.

“Making excuses Will get you nowhere”

This poem by Ronell Warren Alman provides a straightforward message about the futility of making excuses. It emphasizes the importance of taking action and not waiting for things to happen. The poem encourages readers to regain their motivation and move towards their goals without relying on excuses.

Poems About Excuses in Love

Many relationships end because one or both partners fail to put in the necessary effort. These poems explore the pain of being with a partner who constantly makes excuses instead of prioritizing the relationship. They also touch on the ways in which we try to justify our own pain and find ways to numb ourselves from the heartbreak.

Damn Excuses

While failed relationships often leave us bitter and blaming our ex-partners, it can be difficult to acknowledge our own role in the situation. “Damn Excuses” delves into the idea that when we desperately want to be with someone, we may create our own excuses to justify their bad behavior. It serves as a reminder that we should examine our own actions and take responsibility for our part in relationships.

His Excuse for Love

In this poem, Ben Jonson explores the intoxicating nature of love and lust. It suggests that the allure of these emotions can be so strong that we are willing to sacrifice everything, including our own lives, in pursuit of them. The poem highlights the power of excuses and justifications in matters of the heart.

34 Excuses for Why We Failed at Love

Warsan Shire’s deeply emotional poem takes the form of a long list of reasons why a relationship didn’t work out. It touches on the specific and relatable reasons that often lead to heartbreak. The poem serves as a cathartic outlet for those who have experienced the pain of a failed relationship and can find solace in knowing they are not alone in their struggles.

“I stepped out of the line Just to see you”

Ruchita P’s poignant poem explores the complicated feelings associated with unrequited love. The narrator reflects on the excuses they make to be near the person they love, despite the pain it often causes. The poem captures the conflicting emotions of hope and uncertainty that come with loving someone who may not feel the same way.

13 Excuses Poems: Exploring our reasons for not wanting to do things

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In conclusion, excuses poems explore the various ways we create justifications for our actions or lack of actions. Some poems highlight the humorous and lighthearted side of excuses, while others delve deeper into the psychological aspects of why we make excuses. Additionally, poems about excuses in love shed light on the consequences of using excuses in relationships. The collection of poems provided offers a wide range of perspectives and emotions, allowing readers to reflect on their own tendencies to make excuses and consider the impact it may have on their lives.

13 Excuses Poems: Exploring our reasons for not wanting to do things

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